About Zendoo


Zendoo is a small creative and cosy leather workshop located in the heart of Kolding

Zendoo is a socially responsible leather workshop located in the heart of Kolding. We strive to improve the lives of our residents and offer them a creative free space, and the tools and input they need as preparation to enter the labor force. We do this by offering them a holistically oriented job trial that aims for professional, as well as personal progression.

All our products are designed by designers from Kolding Designskole and our wonderful employees

The products are then produced locally at our workshop, where our employees are responsible for selecting the materials and expression of their own products.

Each of our bags comes with the story of the individual employee who sewed your exact bag. We choose to include these stories because it's important for us at Zendoo to ensure, that when you buy one of our products, you know exactly how big of a difference you're making.


As a part of our product line we also offer residents with "edge" a holistically oriented job trail in our business, that aims for professional as well as personal progression.

Concretely that means that we have ongoing conversations as needed, where we discuss the personal and professional goals of the individual which we then try to incorporate into their workday at Zendoo.

This also means that we at Zendoo among other things work methodically from the sociologist Aeron Antonovsky's theory "Sense of coherence", where manageability, comprehensibility and meaningfulness are the three central components that apply when a person wants to improve their ability to cope with their own life.

Job trial through the local Jobcenter We offer a holistically oriented job trial in our cosy leather workshop in the heart of Kolding to jobcenters in the "triangle area". The job trial consists of among other things; coaching, guidance and practical job training. In cooperation with our different sparring partners we create opportunities for the individual to find their path forward towards the job of their dreams.

Please get in touch and hear if we have vacancies, if you or your citizens want to be part of a creative workplace>


At Zendoo we love to get out and tell more about what we're doing, what we do that makes us stand out, our socially responsible vision, the challenges we meet and entrepreneurship - Contact us to book a lecture on one of these topics.




Call Maria's phone: 26798705 or Sanne's phone: 61316033

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